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Meet Our Team

People behind the Sunoh Initiative

Anupma (Sharma) Cvejic

Anu's boundless energy led her to assume several career roles and over 20+ years in not-for-profit sector, the labour movement and lastly diversity and inclusion coaching.Anu enables organizations by creating an avenue where non profits can becomeself sufficient.

Anu currently is CEO of Pchs foundation and former President and Chairperson of Pchs that has been instrumental in assisting international students over the past few years in different capacities.Sunoh is the brainchild of Anu and she is very passionate about bringing a change in the lives of international students

Currently Anu is a Board Member for Canadian Chapter of Punjabi Chamber of Commerce and Life Coach in training, diversity and inclusion guru

Anu is a Domestic Violence Survivor, She fluently speaks Hindi, Punjabi, and English while she dabbles in Arabic, Serbian and Spanish

Kamal Bhardwaj

The Owner of Lotus and Kitchener Funeral and Cremation Centre and Homes, Kamal is a Bachelor of Business Administration with majors in Marketing and Finance. He is an authority on the Funeral Industry in the GTA and Canada.Kamal is also a Consulting Professor at Humber College on the subject and a reputable name in the South Asian Community.

He is a regular speaker at various Toronto GTA South Asian Groups and Religious Community Outreach Centers and is personally is involved in helping underprivileged families.

A keen believer behind the Sunoh Initiative, he has also been at the forefront of helping Parents repatriate bodies back to India and other countries on account of suicides, accidents etc. A keen participant in the Community Outreach programs of the GTA, he also is the Director of Fundraising for South Asian Communities.

Irwin Rego

An Integrated Communications Business Consultant, whose forte is strategic brand communications, copy & contentdevelopment,a man of Ideas, he is a passionate storyteller with the ability to transcend boundaries of imagination through manufacturing of winning aura’, Irwin has trained under blue chip agencies and celebrity professionalsfrom the College of Design – Pasadena, USA (Design Thinking & Aesthetics), Lloyd NorthoverCitigate, Mcbrides – UK (Corporate Identity & Branding),Indian Institute of Management Professionals (Strategy & Events) & J W Thompson (Advertising).He is the driving force of the Sunohbrand having lost two friends to mental depression and has taken it as a challenge to contribute his part in making a little difference in students undergoing depression.He currently consults and heads Communications for Mount Alverno Luxury Resort (Caledon) and other various companies. A man of many talents he is also a poet with three poems published in the UK. besides blogging, writing, public speaking, debating, playing his guitar, singing, cooking, playing cricket and field hockey etc. Irwin holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree.